Things I Learnt About Getting Eyelash Extensions

1. It is hard to keep your eyes closed and still for few hours. Not true. I can only say that most of my clients fall asleep and do not move for the duration of the treatment, some have dreams and then wake up feeling guilty about it. I reply “guilty about what?” for giving yourself permission to recharge your energy and your soul, while making yourself beautiful and re-energized with new eyelashes. In these days, it does not happen very often to be able to stop and relax, and what greater advantage than to get your eyelashes done while allowing yourself to meditate, relax or mentally plan your following day before re-engaging again with your every day-to-day chores. You can kill ‘two birds

The Best Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

Whether you use a thick or thin, black, brown, or brightly coloured, when it comes to eye liners it is about drawing a smooth line. An easy way to apply eye liner is to draw tiny dots at the base of your lash line and then blend them in with a straight smooth line. If you are wearing eyelash extensions, make sure to use an oil-free eyeliner that will not harm your extensions. Small Eyes If you have small eyes, you want to stay away from heavy eyeliners or lash extensions, which would make your eyes look even smaller. Bottom liner always makes small eyes look smaller, so apply liner ONLY to your top lash line, trying to stay on your lash line and stay away from colour on your inner rims. To B

Eyelash Extensions your Best Friend When The Years Go By

As we age, everything goes against gravity. Nevertheless, eyelashes begin to flatten and to do so, you need to introduce them to their new best friend for their remaining life - eyelash extensions!!! You will ask yourself why you have not done this before, as the pleasure and beauty you get out of them outlasts its cost and minimum effort. Make-up artists may recommend ageing women to enhance their natural eyelashes with mascara and curlers as well, but I could not think anything worse that clogging up your eyes every morning with sticky mascara, which runs over your face every night, when you try to wash it out and using those harsh curlers, risking to leave behind on them half of your natu

Do Not Price Shop When It Comes To Eyelash Extenions

You really get what you pay for especially when it comes to eyelash extensions. Do NOT price shop when it comes to eyelash extensions and beware of who applies your extensions, their expertise, training and time of application. Authentic eyelash extensions are individual lashes applied to individual natural eyelashes. Each natural lash gets isolated, so that the extension can be glued on without causing any clumps, which may cause damage and allergic reactions. It is also important to only apply the correct amount of glue, in order to avoid unnecessary residuals of glue on your natural lashes making them feel heavy. Eyelash extension application is an art and a skill and it needs to be value

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