Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Keep eyelash extensions dry for the first 24 hrs. If you need to go for a swim straight after your application or if you are about to go straight after to the gym, make sure you ask to cure the adhesive, so that the longevity of your lashes will not be affected. Wear oil-free make u. When using eye liner, please use water based ones and avoid the gel type of eye liners, which are long lasting and fabulous to wear, but quiet oily and therefore they are not your eyelashes extensions’ best friend. If you want to wear mascara on your extensions, please wear it on your tips only. Make sure you purchase mascara designed for eyelash extensions ONLY. Nevertheless, I highly advise NOT to use mascar

Holiday Blues

Almost everyone who enjoyed the Christmas break and spending more quality time with family and friends is subject to "the Post-Vacation Blues", a type of stressed or blue mood that can affect the way you feel and the way you approach real life again. It is a sort of state of demotivation and unwillingness to get back in touch with the real world with its own challenges, virtues, joys, problems and emotions. The lead up to Christmas is always driven by such a big momentum, that when it arrives and when it leaves us, we some kind feel empty and lonely. Having to get back into the routine of work, school, and daily life in general can be a source of distress, and discomfort, as you find quiet

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