Russian Volume Lashes

The latest trend to take over the eyelash industry by storm is Russian Volume Lashes. As the name suggests, this new technique originated in Russia, where lash artists manually created fans made out of 2,3,4 or 5 lashes and applied at the base of each individual natural lashes to create volume, thickness and a darker look, which was unprecedented previously by the Classic Style of Eyelash Extensions. The most popular Volume Sets are the 4Ds, but if you want to achieve more of a subtle and natural look, you may opt for the 2-3D type of Volume. Prior to this technique, to achieve this kind of Volume look, some technicians would individually apply 2 or 3 individual lashes onto one natural eyela

The Wild Brow

When it comes to eyebrows I have tied it all: the plucking, tweezing, waxing, the growing, the messy look, the polished look, the brushed look, the shaded in…you name it! I have now decided to stop and let them be, especially with these hot weather, who can be bothered with perfectly refined, groomed and filled in brows? It is interesting to notice how some ladies are quiet inconsistent. Sometimes they love perfectly groomed brows, to then swap a week later to a wild and less refined kind of look. With the less refined look, I mean to give a general tidy up to the brow without over doing it. It is nice to let the brow guide you and be what it wants to be. Cara Delavigne had launched this t

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