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ABOUT LARA | Owner, Glam Lashes


The glamour and beauty created with eyelash extensions has always fascinated me. Since my first set, I have had an absolute passion for lashes!


I have been fortunate enough to receive the very best industry training in Brisbane, with trainers and master stylists who were taught by experts in the United States, Asia and New Zealand.


Working with hundreds of lovely clients has enabled me to hone my skills to perfection and today I continue to broaden my knowledge on new techniques and innovative products.

The beauty industry is fast moving and ever changing.


For this reason I am firmly committed to maintaining up to date knowledge of new trends and technologies both to better meet my client’s expectations and to remain one step ahead of my competitors.




My primary goal is to create a look that is completely natural and easy to maintain. I believe that grace, style and glamour come together when you don’t overdo a look.


When others aren’t able to define whether you are wearing lash extensions or not, you know your stylist has done a great job.


I believe it is essential to listen and understand client’s needs and expectations in order to deliver the best quality service possible. I take pride in my work and have found that my skill in delivering the most natural look is the reason my clients keep coming back.


I treat each lash application very carefully and pay great attention to detail to ensure lashes are applied individually and correctly, in order to preserve the nature and health of the natural lashes and achieve the ultimate look every woman wants.


I also ensure my clients walk away with good after care knowledge to preserve the longevity of their eyelash extensions.


I don’t employ staff so clients can be reassured that all work is carried out by me and delivered according to my standards.


For this reason spaces are limited, so it is important to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.



The application of eyelash extensions is a specialist skill and art, and if not applied correctly with the right technique and precision, can result in an unattractive look and damage to your own natural lashes.


Unfortunately, as in any industry, poor work and techniques do exist. For this reason, it is crucial to choose your stylist with great attention.


At Glam Lashes, all my work is guaranteed and I am happy to provide a full refund should a client not be completely satisfied with the service they receive. 


I want all my clients to enjoy beautiful eyelash extensions they can wear week after week, month after month, and year after year without any damage to their own lashes.





At Glam Lashes I believe in tailoring a look to suit the needs of every individual rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach to applying eyelash extensions.


Lashes that would suit an almond shape eye are quite different to those that would suit a deep set or hooded eye.


With this in mind, I offer various thicknesses - mainly 0.15 and 0.18 (stronger mascara look) and lengths, depending on what type of look the client is seeking.


The thicker and longer your natural lashes, the thicker and longer the extension that can be applied. Very thin and sparse natural lashes would only support shorter lashes to preserve the health of the natural lash.


For those seeking a ‘Kim Kardashian’ look, I would suggest opting for a Russian Volume set. You will be surprised by the results and be ‘hooked’ straight away!