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Because each face is unique, I tailor your lash application with sensitivity to your look, rather than a “one size fits all” approach. You could go with 0.15 and 0.18 mm lashes for a stronger mascara look, or ____ mm for something more delicate (keep in mind that if your natural lashes are very fine, they may not support longer extensions).

Otherwise, you may like something bolder.  If you want the “Kim Kardashian” flare, I would suggest a Russian Volume set. You will love how they enhance your sex appeal.

At Glam Lashes we offer Russian Volume Lashes, Classic and Hybrid Sets.

We believe that by manually creating fans, we can create a look custom made to the client’s needs and achieve a better quality job, guaranteeing longevity and durability of the extensions.

Manually created fans have a thinner stem and therefore are DO NOT damage your natural lash, compared to the pre-made fans, which often have thick stems attached to your natural lash. Russian Volume is for those wanting to achieve a fuller and softer look (2-3D) or a Kim Kardashian type of look (4-5-6Ds). Clients with short, thin lashes are often best candidates for Russian Volume, rather than a Classic set, as the extensions used in Russian Volume are so fine, that combining the weight of 3 volume lashes equalises to the weight of 1 lash in a Classic Set.  Clients with thicker natural lashes will be able to opt for a more dramatic appeal (4-5Ds) instead. Due the level of mastery involved in Russian Volume lashes, longer application time is required to achieve perfection. Nevertheless, clients, who appreciate the craftsmanship and the result of Russian Volume lashes, do not compromise on time.


This technique originated in Russian and involves crafting hand-made fans using 2, 3, 4, 5 and sometimes 6 ultra-fine lashes. Depending on the number of lashes used in a fan, we have so called 2D, 3D or 4D…etc. One fan is gently applied to one of your natural lash. This technique requires of craftsmanship, patience and attention to detail, reason why it is not offered by many lash technicians. At Glam Lashes, fans are manually created using the original Russian technique, in contrary of some salons which prefer to purchase boxed pre-made fans to save time and labour.


Classic set is when one eyelash extension is applied 2mm from the lash line onto one of your natural lash. This technique is for those with ultra-fine or short lashes or for those wanting to achieve a soft and light look. First timers would benefit from trialling a Classic Set before opting for a fuller look like Russian Volume. At Glam lashes we use high quality, ultra-light and soft Faux Mink eyelash extension to achieve a natural look, but still giving you a little extra length and thickness. Clients thrive about our lashes being so soft and like natural hair, that they hardly even remember wearing them. We are a cruelty-free salon and only use synthetic lashes.


This Set is for clients, who do not want the fullness of a Russian Volume Set, but aim for slightly more than what a Classic Set gives you. 50% of lashes applied are Classic and 50% are Russian Volume.

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Glam Lashes offers natural, flawless and long lasting eyelash extensions. Choose from our specialty Russian Volume, Classic and Hybrid sets to enhance your beauty and style. Glam Lashes also specialises in Brow Design and Brow Restoration to restore your brows to its full potential. Glam Lashes is a highly reputable Business servicing the 4171 of Hawthorne, Bulimba, Balmoral and Morningside in Brisbane.


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