At Glam Lashes we use the highest quality of Faux Mink Extensions to provide extraordinary length and natural thickness for a flawless and darker look. The extensions that we use are ultra-soft and very comfortable to wear. You will almost forget that you are wearing them, in contrast to many other salons. Glam Lashes is well renowned in Brisbane for its highly professional application of extensions following the most researched techniques and by undertaking extensive training with the most sought-after trainers in the world like Joy Schmoy.  For this reason, you can assure that at Glam Lashes your natural lashes will not get damaged, considering you will also be given our strict aftercare protocol delivered to our clients after each appointment.  

Eyelash extension thickness for Russian Volume Lashes ranges between 0.05 mm and 0.8mm. For Classic Sets instead, thickness ranges between 0.1mm to 0.18mm. Nevertheless, the most commonly used lashes in Russian Volume are the 0.07mm and in Classic Sets the most common extensions are the 0.15mm to deliver a soft and damage-free look. Eyelash extensions lengths can vary depending on the look you are after and depending on the nature of your natural lashes. To guarantee top service and long-lasting eyelash extensions we constantly research for the latest and most innovative products on the market.

Our adhesives are….and deliver the highest retention, guaranteeing longevity of your lashes. Our clients thrive on how long our extensions last and pride ourselves for our outstanding work. Research and development and continuous training are paramount to the exclusivity of our brand and to constantly meet the market demands. This is well certified by our specialty work, Russian Volume Lashes. It is a technique that is taking the industry by storm. Nevertheless, not many salons are offering Russian Volume Lashes, as it is a highly skilled art, that requires extensive craftsmanship and training, which take time to master to perfection. Many salons currently advertise offering Volume Sets, however, do not be fooled by their competitive price tag and quick application times, as these are often an indication that what you are getting is not the authentic Russian Volume Set, but rather the ‘double stacking’ technique (applying 2 or 3 lashes on each other) or pre-boxed fans to save on time and quality.

For any further enquiries you might have on lash application and the products  we utilise, please do not hesitate to contact us We will be happy to assist you in any way and we look forward to welcome you and offer one of our services.