Glam Lashes offers the highest quality in women’s beauty. We now enhance your eyes fully, from glamourous lashes to the most beautiful brow shaping in the world.  Glam Lashes is trained in The Natural Brow Restoration and Design System™, the design system that is creating a worldwide revolution in eyebrow beauty.

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Your eyebrows frame your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and highlight the corners of your mouth. While lashes make your eyes shine, your eyebrows bring sweet balance to your face. Strong eyebrows add charisma when you speak; they express your character. Brows play a subtle role in your beauty, but so much of a woman’s vitality is in her brows.

What is the Natural Brow Restoration and Design System™?

Look around at women’s brows. Overplucking, fading, or aggressive lines are far too common.  Now you can enjoy eyebrows that are both striking and natural. The Natural Brow Restoration and Design System™ is a complete science, requiring everything of the artist, so that you can sit back, relax, and relish in fabulous results.


The Natural Brow Restoration and Design System™ brings out the full potential of every brow. Rather than reducing the brow, the design system brings out each hair, so your brows become finer and fuller. The design is natural and timeless, so that you look better and better after every visit.


Glam Lashes is all about tasteful and natural beauty. Our eyebrow restoration and design fits perfectly with our love of beauty. Just as your brows will complement your glamorous lashes. Once you experience the beauty of world-class eyebrows and lashes, there’s no looking back!


The beauty secrets of Hollywood and Milan are yours to enjoy. Experience it now, as natural and comfortable as a stroll in the sun.


Thanks for taking the time to read about Glam Lashes and the exciting possibilities for your beauty. I would love to treat you soon!



Lara Cortese