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Do Not Price Shop When It Comes To Eyelash Extenions

You really get what you pay for especially when it comes to eyelash extensions. Do NOT price shop when it comes to eyelash extensions and beware of who applies your extensions, their expertise, training and time of application. Authentic eyelash extensions are individual lashes applied to individual natural eyelashes.

Each natural lash gets isolated, so that the extension can be glued on without causing any clumps, which may cause damage and allergic reactions. It is also important to only apply the correct amount of glue, in order to avoid unnecessary residuals of glue on your natural lashes making them feel heavy.

Eyelash extension application is an art and a skill and it needs to be valued as such. It requires at least 1.5-2 hours applying a full set of extensions and it takes time and patience to master such a unique technique. The tweezers used to apply the extensions are only few mms away from your eye balls, hence it is crucial to be aware and trust, who is handling such tools. Hygiene is another very important factor not to be dismissed when selecting an adequate salon.

Quality eyelash extensions with a skilled application and premium quality of materials do not come cheap. Do your homework before putting yourself in wrong hands because a bad outcome could be very costly and not worth the hassle. The picture above is a perfect example of a poor application, and the price your natural lashes have to pay could be very costly and not worth the hassle. So do not forget to do your research and make enquiries prior selecting a salon and remember do NOT price select when it comes to eyelash extensions!

If you received a bad job, or are experiencing discomfort from a previous eyelash application or have itchy eyes and you need to get your extensions removed, we can help. Call us immediately 0414 414 888.

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