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The latest trend to take over the eyelash industry by storm is Russian Volume Lashes. As the name suggests, this new technique originated in Russia, where lash artists manually created fans made out of 2,3,4 or 5 lashes and applied at the base of each individual natural lashes to create volume, thickness and a darker look, which was unprecedented previously by the Classic Style of Eyelash Extensions. The most popular Volume Sets are the 4Ds, but if you want to achieve more of a subtle and natural look, you may opt for the 2-3D type of Volume. Prior to this technique, to achieve this kind of Volume look, some technicians would individually apply 2 or 3 individual lashes onto one natural eyelash. Till these days, there are still technicians out there using this technique, known as ‘double stacking’, however, the real, authentic and best technique to achieve Voluminosity and the red carpet look is the Russian Volume Technique. Some artists prefer reducing the application time by using ‘cluster lashes’, which are pre-fanned lashes attached at the base. These however, are applied to your eyelid and are quite different in quality and look from the Russian Volume fans, which are manually created on the spot and require patience, attention to detail, as more intricate than the classic ext


The Russian Volume technique utilises lashes very fine in diameter, 0.07mm, in order to preserve the health of your natural lashes. The weight of one manually created 4D fan would be generally similar to the weight of one 0.15mm of diameter classic extension, utilised in Classic Sets. Volume fans are soft, very light and do not cause any strain on your natural lashes, still achieving a great look of thickness and of a defined black eyeliner, without the need of wearing eyeliner any longer.

The major benefit of Russian Volume, is the ability to achieve thickness even when your natural lashes are sparse, thin, and sporadic. The finish is much softer, fluffier and multidimensional. It is imperative that before trusting a technician, that you check if they have been professionally trained in such technique. There have been salons out there offering the technique, by just stacking multiple lashes of 0.1mm or 0.15mm of diameter to one single natural lash. This is not the proper Volume technique and it can seriously cause damage to your natural eyelashes. Please do your research and only choose qualified, experienced, and well trained technicians to apply your Volume Set on you. At Glam Lashes & Brows, we have been professionally trained by the best and top eyelash Extensions guru in Australia Joy and we guarantee all our work to our clients. For enquiries .

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