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Do You Really Get What You Paid For?

The old saying “You get what you pay for” is it true or just a myth??? You make your own conclusion after reading the following story…

Few nights ago I received a text at 10.30 pm from a very anxious client. Her lashes were hurting so much due to a bad eyelash application to the point that her eyes had puffed up. I managed to see her the next day after hours, took off her poorly applied, super long and super thick eyelash extensions, with the result of major loss of her natural eyelashes, which were weakened and heavily damaged, leaving her with a gap in both eyes (only time can bring back your natural eyelashes. no magic here could fix it). The young lady was upset, embarrassed and in disbelief with herself, for trusting such cheap attractive deals, and realized straight away how she put herself in the hands of danger and now regrets it every wrong choice she took.

Life is very interesting. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing gets put in front of your face that we are unable to handle. Luckily my client was lucky enough to get out from this horrible ordeal safe. She still managed to preserve her sight and avoid any major complications and eye infections. My question here is “is it worth the risk by opting for a cheap attractive deal and put yourself at risk of not being able to wear eyelash extensions again in the near future or even mascara?” Are the amazing economic deals and attractive Groupon discounts out there worthwhile the risk of losing your natural eyelashes and natural beauty, just because you are going to saved few bucks, which in the long run are going to cost you more in repairing the moral and physical damage they have caused you? You can answer to these…

This is a perfect example which would give the eyelash extension industry the worse reputation ever. I am on the firm idea that if eyelash extensions are applied properly, using the correct techniques and guidelines, and when you avoid over extending your natural eyelashes, eyelash extensions are completely safe and can enhance your beauty and your look.

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