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Things I Learnt About Getting Eyelash Extensions

1. It is hard to keep your eyes closed and still for few hours.

Not true. I can only say that most of my clients fall asleep and do not move for the duration of the treatment, some have dreams and then wake up feeling guilty about it. I reply “guilty about what?” for giving yourself permission to recharge your energy and your soul, while making yourself beautiful and re-energized with new eyelashes. In these days, it does not happen very often to be able to stop and relax, and what greater advantage than to get your eyelashes done while allowing yourself to meditate, relax or mentally plan your following day before re-engaging again with your every day-to-day chores. You can kill ‘two birds in one shot’ by getting eyelash extension and do not under estimate the importance of refuel your energy tank as well.

2. No two sets are the same.

True. If you are aiming for the Kim Kardashian look, let’s be realistic that not everyone will be able to achieve that. We need to set realistic goals and do not wish to achieve the impossible. We are all gifted with different eye shape, different quality and type of lashes, different amount of natural eyelashes and these factors will impact on the end result of your eyelash extension treatment. If you only have few sporadic natural eyelashes, Russian Volume might help you achieve the volume and thickness you have been aiming for a long time, however, you must not forget to be realistic with your expectations and that what one client might achieve with a Classic Full Set might not be the same for someone else.

3. You will become addicted.

True. It is like getting your hair done, soon it will become a priority and it won’t be the one-off luxury treatment for special occasions. My clients keep telling me they cannot believe how they waited for so long to try a revolutionary treatment that makes you feel so refresh from the first moment you wake up in the morning. The freedom of not have to wear mascara is another advantage of being an eyelash extensions ambassador. The compliments you will receive are endless; The best compliment of all, is when people cannot pick what ‘kind of work’ you had done, which is always nice not to have to reveal your secret. Try them, you will never look back!

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