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Bobs why they are back in fashion?

There is never a better time than chopping those hair off with the arrival of Spring and Summer! Perfect new season hairstyle , it is very flattering and with many celebrities wearing one, it has become the current stylish option to see through this season.

Bobs are so easy to manage, versatile and make you look and feel younger. I decided to give my hair a good chop to revitalize it and give it some body this September. It was also the best thing I had ever done not only to my hair but also to myself, giving me a new fresh look to a new fresh start in my life.

The question is which bob to go for???? Short, layered, choppy, straight or long? Get inspired from ladies with your hair type, and flick through magazines or TV ads and find what you like and what would suit your looks.

Whether you decide to go sharp and angular or more textured or wavy like.

Whether you choose to go sharp and angular like Rosamund Pike and Tia Mowry or more textured and wavy à la Julianna Hough and Rose Byrne, there's plenty to inspire your next trip to the salon here.

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