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Eyelash Extensions For a Special Occasion

Eyelash extensions are the perfect treatment if you have a special occasion like a wedding, birthday or special celebration. Eyelash extension will accentuate your eye make-up and bring out your eyes. Lauren came in 2 days prior her big day celebration, 3 days after getting her spray tan done and 5 days after her facial. I highly recommend to leave eyelash extensions to last, if you had them applied before and you did not have any adverse reaction. If you have never had eyelash extensions before, it is advisable to come in for a quick trial before your big day to make sure no allergic reactions occur. It is crucial to get your eyelash extensions applied 3-5 days after your spray tan or facial, as spray tans contain oily products, which would counteract the active properties of the adhesive affecting the longevity of your extensions. The same applies to facials. They usually bring out all the natural oils from the skin, which could affecting your eyelash extensions life.

Lauren opted for a High Volume Classic Set and I used our Premium Faux Mink Eyelash extensions. All her natural eyelash extensions were completed covered, even though giving her a subtle natural look that was completely real and not over the top. I always like to maintain a level of grace and class in the work I deliver.

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