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When getting eyelash extensions for the first time

I highly recommend my clients coming into the salon 4 weeks prior to an event, for a quick trial test (25 eyelashes per eye), so that the client has a feel of what is like wearing eyelash extensions. You should not feel any kind of weight on your eyes when wearing eyelash extensions, nor you should experience any discomfort from wearing them. If eyelash extensions are applied properly by a professional stylist, it should be a pleasant and indulgent experience, where the client can enjoy some relaxation.

I highly recommend starting with a ¾ Classic Set, if you are a first timer and unsure about the look you will get, by having eyelash extensions on. You can always build from that starting point and go bigger. However, if you start by being conservative, you will avoid receiving the biggest shock of your life, if you do not know what to expect from an eyelash extensions application, which is a totally beautiful experience at Glam Lashes. It is easier to add more lashes than to remove them…. I can assure you that.

Our clients enjoy the personalised service they receive when walking into our door and the pleasant indulgent relaxation they are able to receive. Please make sure you like and share our Facebook page, so that you avoid missing out on our Monthly and weekly Special Offers!!! Happy lashes this Festive Season.

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