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Myths and Facts About Lash Extensions

Myth: Eyelash extensions make your natural eyelashes fall out

Fact: Real lashes constantly grow and have a life cycle of 60-90 days. They are supposed to fall out and regenerate. Properly applied eyelash extensions do not affect the regrowth of natural lashes, but you may notice them shedding more than before because your lashes are darker and thicker with the extensions attached. Also, you tend to forget how your eyes looked prior the extensions, hence it seems like you have lost you’re your natural lashes once the extensions fall out.

Myth: When my eyelash extensions came out, my natural eyelashes came with them

Fact: in actual fact, the reverse is happening. This is the biggest myth when it comes to extensions. If lashes are applied properly and to each individual lash, they won’t fall out. We have clients who have been getting lashes done for years and their eyelashes are still in perfect, healthy condition. Our glues do not contain formaldehyde, so our products are safe for each client. Always ask your lash expert if their glue contains formaldehyde before going for your appointment.

Myth: Eyelash extensions hurt

FACT: In actual fact eyelash extensions are weightless and if they are applied properly, you shouldn’t feel anything at all. If your eyelash extensions are hurting, something is wrong with your lash application.

MYTH: I had eyelash extensions for a while and after I had them removed, my natural lashes were shorter.

FACT: if eyelash extensions are applied properly using the correct technique, they do not affect the growth of natural lashes before, during or after application. It is important to remind clients, that most people get used to how they look with their eyelash extensions on, so the moment they take them off they feel they have been left without eyelashes on and that their natural eyelashes are thin and shorter. It’s a case of missed perception. If you actually measured your lashes before and after, you would find no change.

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