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Classic Sets versus Volume Sets

A Classic Full Set is a technique where one single eyelash extension is adhered to one natural eyelash.

Applications can take from 45 min for a quick Refill to 2hrs. You would need to allow 2 hrs if you are looking at maximum fullness where 110 LPE (lashes per eye) are applied. A Classic Full Set will require a refill every 3-4 weeks to restore its natural fullness and to maintain its magical beauty. At Glam Lashes we only use the highest quality of products and the most appropriate adhesives for our warm climate. You will be surprised how well your eyelash extensions adherence will last, if good care and maintenance are also followed (please refer to our guidelines

The most popular eyelash extension fibres my clients request for Classic Sets are the Premium Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm of thickness. They are synthetic fibres (made from a polished, acrylic material) super natural, super shining and ultra-light. They create a very soft and natural look. No one will even notice you have extensions on. They are low maintenance and easy to wear, and the most popular option for brides. Nevertheless, we can also create an ‘over the edge’ look similar to those used in fashion shows or red carpet events. Thicker and longer extensions are used to achieve the most glamorous and sophisticated look. Extensions are way thicker and the look is not as soft. These extensions are most suitable for ladies with natural dense eyelashes. If your natural lashes are fine and weak, then thinner fibres are recommended to preserve the longevity of your natural hair.

Volume Sets is a new Russian technique, where fans are manually created with very fine extensions 0.07mm and applied to individual eyelashes. Fans can vary from 2Ds up to 6Ds. 2Ds fans are made with 2 eyelash extensions, 3Ds are made with 3 eyelash extensions etc.. It is an innovative highly skilled technique to create instant volume and thickness similar to the one you see in magazines. Fans are ultra-light and one 4D fan will weigh the same as one 0.15mm eyelash, so no need to fear about damaging your natural lashes either. Because Russian Volume is a highly skilled technique, it is more time consuming and therefore more costly. Refills are recommended more frequently, every 2-3 weeks, but the glamorous look you will achieve for that special occasion will not go unnoticed and it will pay off. A very popular option amongst our clients to achieve fullness and thickness, is to opt for a Mix Set, that is half Classic and half Volume, something to consider if you do not want to be over the top, but achieve fullness at the same time. Glam Lashes is happy to cater for all your needs and deliver the look you are after.

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Volume Set

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