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Holiday Blues

Almost everyone who enjoyed the Christmas break and spending more quality time with family and friends is subject to "the Post-Vacation Blues", a type of stressed or blue mood that can affect the way you feel and the way you approach real life again. It is a sort of state of demotivation and unwillingness to get back in touch with the real world with its own challenges, virtues, joys, problems and emotions. The lead up to Christmas is always driven by such a big momentum, that when it arrives and when it leaves us, we some kind feel empty and lonely. Having to get back into the routine of work, school, and daily life in general can be a source of distress, and discomfort, as you find quiet difficult to get back into the swings of things. However, you don't need to return to work with a feeling of being dead. Generally these feelings are temporary and will soon go away once you have readjusted to a daily routine.

My tips to overcome the holiday blues is to plan your next holiday, even if it might be a brief or low budget one, it will make returning to work much easier. Reset your thinking process, that is having a positive frame of mind will help you ease the anxiety and post-holiday depression. Self-talk and statements like “let’s catch up for a coffee, so I can tell you all about my trip” will help you to appreciate and be grateful for the opportunity being given to you. We often forget what is gratitude about; by appreciating and admiring the luxuries we are given, it will help us move on faster and put aside negative thoughts. Look after your body by taking care of your health. Eat nutritious healthy meals, allow yourself good quality sleep and do not forget to include a good exercise regime, by taking advantage of these long summer nights, and do not give up some holiday routines like reading a nice book or going for nice walks along the beach. My last tip to overcome the summer Blues would be to put down on paper things you are looking forward this year, such as events, birthdays, functions, future trips that might bring some kind of excitement in your life.

Wake up tomorrow energized by a new approach to life, be grateful and kind to yourself, make peace and move forward. Have a great start to another magnificent year in your life!

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